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The Cadillac Car Company was founded in 1902, rising from the ashes of one of Henry Ford's failed companies. Henry LeLand had the idea to combine a single-cylinder engine with a Ford frame, and Cadillacs were made. The company was bought by GM in 1909 and was established as a luxury division of the auto brand. Cadillac created the world's first electric self starter three years later. The V8 engine went on to be installed on all Cadillac models. The car built a name for itself in the industry, hitting a lot of milestones and producing new things on the market. The company was the first to introduce things like automatic windshield wipers and power steering as standard features. A range of Cadillac models have been produced throughout the years, gaining popularity for one reason or the other. Models like the sleek CTS, historical Eldorado, and Escalade are just some of the iconic ones to come off the assembly line. Cadillac has always been up there delivering on quality and style. It's important that you only get the best parts and accessories for your Cadillac, which is why you should invest in OEM components. Only OEM Cadillac parts are going to fit properly and last a long time. You can find the best selection here at OEM GM Parts Online.