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Founded under the General Motor Company, the Chevrolet division of vehicles started in 1911. Five years after the division was established, Chevy produced the Series 490. The car established their success as an automotive brand, and they went on to further their global reputation. The very first lightweight truck was built by the brand in 1916, which completely changed the automobile industry. The renowned Corvette was introduced by the brand in the 50s, which helped to establish them as a diverse brand that could produce a range of car types. The style of their iconic vehicles have changed some throughout the years, but the core values and reliability of the cars have stayed the same. Stylish models like the Malibu, Equinox, and Silverado have become popular through the years, as well as the Corvette. When you need new parts or accessories for your Chevrolet, you need to make sure you're replacing them with OEM options. Only OEM parts are going to be made with high quality materials and with your specific model in mind. You can find what you need here at OEM GM Parts Online