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Back in 1902, Max Grabowski founded the Rapid Motor Company. The company produced some of the first commercial trucks in history. The production of these caught they eye of William C. Durant, the founder of GM. GM bought the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company in 1909 and two years later the General Motors Truck Company (later named General Motors Corporation) was started. The first mass-produced truck was built by GMC in 1913 and the rest was history. Throughout the years, GMC has been refining their automobiles and produced vehicles that are both sleek and rugged. The cars that come off the GMC lineup are built to handle a range of conditions. From the Sierra to the Yukon, GMC is known for producing high-end trucks and SUVs that are going to last a long time. It's important that these cars are equipped to handle a range of terrain and have parts installed that will last a long time. When you are needing to make a repair on your vehicle, be sure to invest in OEM GMC parts and accessories that are made with your car in mind. You can find them here at OEM GM Parts Online.